This week at rehearsal, the Avant + Garde Dance Company began one of my favorite parts of the season, student taught choreography for Still Inspired! This year, our very own Artistic Associate, Jamie, is choreographing. She picked a powerful song and had her twin sister create some amazing digital art to go along with it. … More #spotlightfriday

Black Friday

It’s that time of year again! The mad dash to the stores for all the fantastic deals that occur every Friday after Thanksgiving. Us here at Avant+Garde will be stocking up on all things DANCE! What are your holiday favorite deals?


This past Saturday, the Avant+Garde Dance Company took on Chicago! It was truly a learning experience. Performing on stage was a first for many of the juniors. The close quarters dressing rooms also made for a lesson on dressing room etiquette. It was a great first performance for the season, even with all of the … More #spotlightfriday


When I think of dance, flexibility comes to mind. As dancers we’re always working to get our splits farther, kicks higher, and backs to stretch farther. However this week, Avant + Garde practiced a different kind of flexibility. With dance performances, there’s always a number of things that could that could go wrong, but “the … More #Spotlightfriday

Here’s One of Our Favorites

#memorymonday We’re taking it back to the last weekend in October when both the Junior and Senior Company members had a wonderful bonding experience going to see Inaside Chicago Dance perform in Skokie. There was a lot of musical car rides, delicious Panera dinners devoured, and inspiring dance pieces witnessed.


Everyday is different, constantly changing and never the same, but the one thing I can always count on is my life is dance. No matter how I’m feeling walking into the studio, I never feel worse when I’m walking out. Yes, there’s always struggles, maybe my splits weren’t as low that day or I had … More #spotlightfriday


Last week was a huge milestone for me personally, October 12th was my six year “cancerversary”. I am 6 years beyond my diagnosis with Leukemia and I am cancer free. In terms of dancing, I have worked very hard to get where I am today as my cancer treatment left me with some physical challenges … More #SpotlightFriday

ALERT!! New Event

“The work we do is deeply personal to us, our volunteers, donors, food distribution partners and meal recipients. And we mean it when we say it: “We want to reach everyone, until ALL are fed.” Because no one deserves to go hungry, especially when we can do something about it.”   This Saturday, A+GDC company members and … More ALERT!! New Event