When I think of dance, flexibility comes to mind. As dancers we’re always working to get our splits farther, kicks higher, and backs to stretch farther. However this week, Avant + Garde practiced a different kind of flexibility. With dance performances, there’s always a number of things that could that could go wrong, but “the show must go on.” After some unexpected changes to our lineup this week, our directors had to introduce some major alterations to our pieces. I was more than impressed by how not only the seniors, but the juniors, took this in stride. With the lack of resistance on these changes and some hard work behind scenes from Cheryl and Jamie, we were able to successfully implement changes for Saturday’s performance. If you’re wondering what adjustments we’ve made to our piece(s), come see the Avant + Garde Dance Company perform at our Future Stars performance at the Athenaeum Theatre in Chicago.




Draves_Lindsey -15 Maya

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