Tis’ The Season To Sparkle . . .

Draves_Lindsey -1-2

As Christmas approaches, the Avant + Garde Dance Company members made a sparkling appearance at the Three Oaks Retirement Building on Saturday, December 9th of 2017. Like snow enchanting the ground it covers, the dancers expressed beauty with kindness for others. “Volunteering at the nursing home was a super fun experience for our team,” remarked Jenna (intern and member of A+GDC), “We loved getting to help out.”

The hands of the old and the young crafted delicate ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree. Smiles were captured on the elderly faces as they enjoyed the company of working together with the dancers – the decorations soon to be hung on the tree holding the memories of this joyful moment.

Christmas carols were sung, bonding everyone with harmony and spreading the true Christmas spirit. They danced, sang along, and laughed; their faces lighting up like dazzling Christmas lights. No one wanted the music to end – it was a gift exchanging happiness to one another. Wrapped with bundles of magic. “It was a super fun day – I loved being able to brighten their day and have fun with all the people there, “ concluded Jenna, “Being a part of a dance team that does volunteering is super important to me and the whole team. I love spreading our spirit around and helping others, and I love that I get to do that through dance.”

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