City Lights. Stage Lights. Dance Stars…

Draves_Lindsey -1

Company member Katherine Castiglione describes how our November 11th performance went in Chicago.

The Avant + Garde Dance Company members made a dazzling appearance at the Future Stars of Dance Chicago on Saturday, November 11th of 2017. It was a night to remember – a night full of stars, laughter, and of course DANCE!

Already energized after tech rehearsals, the A+GDC members and directors headed out to Noodles and Company for good Chicago eats. Chatty conversations were thrown back and forth among the excited dancers. Friendships grew. Meals were satisfying.

If that wasn’t enough, the Avant + Garde directors surprised the dance members to rehearse at an urban Chicago style dance studio. Exposed pipelines trail overhead like a connected roadmap; wooden floorboards stretched from one end of the enormous room to the other; glassed windows captured running trains, filtering the room with lights – a dancer’s dream studio. The hardworking members practiced and practiced until every moment breathed the song to life. A moving story with arms, legs, and a heartbeat.

As the time came, the A+GDC members walked back to the Athenaeum Theater. Brilliant city lights sparkled their way like winking stars – a metaphor to who they are. Each and every one of them. Exquisite dancers shining their infinite passion.

Working as a team, the A+GDC members lend each other a hand, helping to prepare for the performance. Make up was reapplied, pony-tails hair sprayed, and group exercise to get rid of the jitters were done right before the showcase. Then, the moment we have all been waiting for. The performance. Fierceness was strung on each dedicated dancer as they performed to the song, River by Bishop Briggs (random fun fact – The singer herself was present in Chicago the day of the performance). Very much like a roaring river, the dancers fluidly presented the movements of the story. Alive and fierce.

As the end to a breathtaking night full of stars, the Avant + Garde members had to say, “Thank you Dance Chicago from A+GDC!”


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