A+GDC Stars Shoot for the Future Stars in Dance Chicago

Company member Katherine Castiglione describes a typical rehearsal for A+GDC when preparing for a performance.

“We’re A+GDC and we’re coming for you, Future Stars in Dance Chicago!” shouted the
enthusiastic dancers of the Avant + Garde Dance Company. This dedicated group of pre-
professional dancers (rooted in McHenry County), have been working on two dance pieces (lyrical and jazz) to showcase their talents and passion. Rehearsals are held weekly, every Saturday from 2-4 and that is where the magic and creativity happens. Imagine – an instructor has the memorized lyrics in one hand and story-telling movements in the other. With those two entwined together, the combination is handed to their students. Repetition is the key to gaining the choreography but a passionate heart to perform as the character is the true essence of dance. The A+GDC dance members advanced further by preparing for their jazz piece, River, for the Future Stars in Dance Chicago. The element of this story expresses the feelings of anger and fierceness. Visualize it as a strong current of rushing dancers and you will get a sample of this
dance piece.

Draves_Lindsey -81


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