Who Is Avant + Garde Dance Company?

Forward + Moving + Passion

Avant + Garde Dance Company is a community of people who want to develop new and surprising ideas in dance. Our mission is to inspire a lasting love and appreciation for dance through excellence and new artistically innovative choreography, aiding in the movement of its members forward into the future. We value creative movers, and intentional thinkers through the passion they exhibit in dance.


Avant + Garde Dance Company is a pre-professional dance company rooted and created in McHenry County, Illinois. It started with the passion and dedication of its company directors  to share their  talents towards obtaining one common goal, sharing their passion for dance.

Victoria, the initial creator of the company and it’s dance ideals, first approached Lindsey with the idea in mid-2016, and as they say, the rest is history. Leveraging Victoria’s artistic, studio and extensive dance background with Lindsey’s financial and business skills, they embarked on the journey of creating an environment that embodies their love for teaching and dance.

Together they have created A+GDC, a company that will bring exemplary opportunities to it’s dancers, not only to better their dance skills, but also to aid in the development of well-rounded individuals and artists. A+GDC will be a safe space for creative and artistic development of it’s members, giving them the platform to perform not only in the community, but also competitively.

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